Therapy Process

It’s a fact of life, we all face challenges, loss and setbacks.
We make poor choices, or get fearful about taking action with the choices we know would be good for us. Fear not! This is quite natural and normal. It’s called being human. These choice-points in life are what beckon us to expand who we are.

You may think therapy is simply about solving problems or healing emotional wounds, but it is about so much more.
It is about expressing more freely and moving more deeply into who we truly are. While personal challenges and unmet needs are often what bring us to therapy; the process is about reclaiming the life lessons that are always found with-in the challenges themselves.

Healing requires change. Healing requires the deepening ability to trust in ourselves, others and the unknown.
Initially this will bring up resistance. When this happens, one of the first things we tend to do is question ourselves. We minimize our capabilities, become self-critical, fearful, anxious, depressed. Again, fear not. This is a natural, normal, healing response.

Herein lies the true work. Honoring the places where we are stuck helps bridge the gap between our fears and strengths.
These stuck points are actually the entry points into our healing. Learning how to show more respect, compassion and even gratitude towards our struggles helps reveal the intricate ways we open and close ourselves off from life.

This work is a mystery at times. Facing the unknown can be just as challenging as the known. You will laugh. You will cry. You will resist your healing potential at times, but you will also learn how to welcome it-to trust it. As a result you will gain multiple ways to express the full capacity of who you truly are.

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